Scream for me!

In space, nobody can hear you scream. In cyberspace anyone can hear you scream, and when they do they'll tweet about it. They'll blog about it. They'll discuss it on Facebook.

Because that's the reality and the beauty of the internet - it's part of the public space, part of reality.


Tender and election

The Swedish election is coming up, and things go crazy. As they always do at times like this, yet this time is different. I can't really put my finger on why, but there's something there.

And for some unknown reason this song is on repeat in my head:


In class




Just - don't do this, don't go down this road, don't pick this fight, don't try.

There's no way you can win, there are many ways you can lose. None of them very pleasant. Some of them rather painful. For you.

So, just don't.




To have knowledge of certain things means one suddenly has a responsibility one didn't have before one had that knowledge. Sometimes that's a good thing, sometimes it just is. But sometimes one would be so happy if one could unlearn those certain things again.

But that is impossible.



Motor Mania

Becoming Mr. Wheeler can cause unmentionable grief and sorrow. Please be careful and remain Mr. Walker even while driving. It saves lives.

How do they ever get anything done?

Yesterday I was at a conferece at a school not far from my work. A very nice conference, very interesting things were said and talked about, lots of inspiration floated through the air.

But one thing kept distracting me. Just look at the view! See the sea, and (if you squint and use a lot of imagination and try to look through the fog) the island out there. Boats kept passing, and my mind kept getting on board. I can't imagine how they can work here, day after day, and actually get things done?

Still, a very interesting day.

(No, there were not UFOs flying around out there, those are the lamps of the room reflecting in the window. I took the picture through the window since I couldn't figure out how to get outside without wandering around half lost, and the breaks were too brief for adventures like that)